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Screen printing

Screen printing is a captivating artistic process where ink is skillfully pushed through a mesh screen onto a surface, creating a visual masterpiece. The key lies in crafting stencils, often made from diverse materials, which dictate where the ink adheres. The screen itself, typically fashioned from synthetic materials like terylene, is meticulously prepared to receive these stencils.

In the contemporary realm of screen printing, a crucial step involves transferring a design onto the screen using a photo-sensitive emulsion. This entails coating the screen, drying it, placing the design, and exposing it to ultraviolet (UV) light. The exposed emulsion hardens, and washing out the unexposed areas reveals the design on the screen.


Screen Printing

Screen Printing Process Overview

Mounting the Prepared Screen

  • The prepared screen is mounted on a specialized printing table with hinges.
  • This table features top hinges and vacuum holes to ensure paper stability during the printing process.

The Art of Ink Application

Flooding the Screen

  • Ink application is performed artfully, beginning with the application of a thick bead of ink across the screen.
  • A squeegee is used to evenly spread the ink over the screen, a technique known as “flooding the screen.”

Creating the Image

  • With paper placed beneath the screen, a squeegee pass transfers the ink through the unblocked areas of the screen to create the desired image.

Multicolor Artwork Production

Repeating the Process for Each Color

  • For artworks requiring multiple colors, the process is repeated with different stencils.
  • Precise registration is essential to ensure seamless alignment of colors.

Final Outcome

Beyond a Printed Image

  • The result of this meticulous process is more than just a printed image; it’s a curated masterpiece.
  • Screen printing exemplifies the blend of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary techniques, highlighting the artistic and technical prowess involved.